How can I locate the files I want when they have meaningless MD5 file names?

When exporting messages to put on a CD-ROM, we recommend using the MD5 file naming option to limit the length of file names and avoid name conflicts. However, sometimes it’s difficult to open specific MHT email files or EML email messages with the meaningless MD5 names (mixed letters and numbers).

How can I locate the messages I want to open in a text editor?

This is not as hard to do as you might think. Your text editor might have a feature to search for words/phrases in disk files without the need to open the files into a text editor first. Our award winning NoteTab text and HTML editor has such a feature called Search Disk that will find the search criteria in the messages that contain it and open each message(s) (of choice) in its own tab. You can then simply use the Find dialog (Ctrl+F) and quickly bring the tab in focus at the word(s) searched for. NoteTab is available in free and commercial versions.

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