Is there an easy way to find where a Thunderbird mail folder is stored?

Yes, there is a simple method for finding Local Folders, but unfortunately not for locally stored IMAP folders.

Right click with your mouse on a folder name in Thunderbird to open the shortcut menu. In Thunderbird version 3, choose Properties from the menu and then select and copy all the text in the Location field of the Folder Properties dialog box. In Thunderbird version 2, choose the “Copy Folder Location” command from the shortcut menu.

If you want to set Thunderbird as your source mail client, stop when you reach the Source Location screen in Aid4Mail. Then right click in the folder field and choose the “Go to Folder” command from the shortcut menu. Aid4Mail will automatically show the correct folder path in the dialog box.

If you want to set Thunderbird as your target mail client, stop when you reach the Target Settings screen in Aid4Mail. Paste the Clipboard contents in the field labeled Folder. The resulting path will look somewhat like this:

“mailbox:///C:/Users/.../Mail/Local Folders/Inbox"


“mailbox:/C|/Documents and Settings/.../Mail/Local Folders/Inbox"

Once you click on the Next button, Aid4Mail will automatically convert the path to the correct Windows format.

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