Aid4Mail 4 failed to convert some or all of my mailbox files. Why?

The most typical reason for such an issue is that your file is locked by another program. To avoid this, and unless you are using Office Outlook, make sure you close your mail client before clicking on the Start button in Aid4Mail. Check also that you haven’t got an anti-virus or anti-spam program monitoring the mail that Aid4Mail is processing. Other possible reasons include a source file that is corrupted or does not correspond to the selected mail type, or the target location has insufficient free space or is write protected.

Aid4Mail checks both the file extension and contents to see if they conform with the selected source format. You can instruct Aid4Mail to be more “tolerant” with certain file types by turning off the "Strict File Format Check" under Software>Advanced options or running it with the /m command-line switch. This can be useful with files that start with a non-conforming format. Example:

Aid4Mail.exe /m

If you experience any issues, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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