Aid4Mail versions 1 to 4 update history

Version 4.7 (released: February 6, 2020)
  • Updates EULA to include FAR clause for U.S. Government end users. 
  • Updates root folder search feature for latest versions of Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • Fixes issue when loading Exchange Public folders. 
  • Fixes issue when appending email to a PST file under the 64-bit edition of Outlook.

Version 4.64 (released: May 21st, 2019)

  • This is an important update and we recommend all Aid4Mail v4 users to update to v4.64.
  • Adds workaround to several infrequent errors sometimes produced by IMAP servers, notably Yahoo! Mail.
  • Updates OpenSSL to version 1.0.2r
  • Fixes issue when exporting to PDF using an Export Format based on rich contents and plain text.
  • Using the plain text Export Format with conversion to ANSI unchecked now produces all email in UTF-8 encoding. This makes it possible to correctly render all email characters when viewing in a text editor.
  • Fixes an issue in Aid4Mail Console with the /addresses switch causing incorrect interpretation of the command line.
  • Several other minor improvements and fixes.

Version 4.63 (released: May 28th, 2018)


  • This is an important update for Aid4Mail Migrator licence holders.
  • Minor bug Fixes.
  • GDPR Updates.

Version 4.62 (released: February 22, 2018)

  • Fixes an issue occurring under Outlook 2016 32-bit with emails based on Unicode character sets. Under these conditions, email messages exported to Outlook have their message text truncated.
  • Fixes an issue selecting a delegated store name that has diacritic characters.

Version 4.61 (released: January 23, 2018)

  • Adds workaround when converting HTML emails in Eudora mailboxes that have an invalid charset value (like unicode or utf-16).
  • Missing emails on source IMAP servers are now counted as skipped "missing" messages instead of "unpurged" messages.
  • Fixes issue causing failure to extract attachments from Outlook 64-bit source mail (PST, MSG, profile) during conversion.
  • Fixes rare issue skipping files with just an extension and no name (e.g.: "C:\Temp\.msg").
  • The Aid4Mail Migrator GUI (wizard) can now run from a USB key. Please contact our Help desk if you need assistance.

Version 4.6 (released: November 15, 2017)

  • Fixes issues with character encoding when converting mail to recent Outlook 2016 updates.
  • When activated, now shows activation code in the Aid4Mail About box.

Version 4.51 (released: September 6, 2017)

  • Aid4Mail 32-bit edition: Includes a work-around for a Microsoft Office bug that appeared after the release of Outlook 2016 build 7967.2161. This bug causes Aid4Mail to crash when converting email to Outlook with the ìUse MAPI RFC 1521 Converterî option set. As of this writing, Microsoft still hasn't fixed the bug (Outlook version 16.0.8326.2096). The work-around will ignore the ìUse MAPI RFC 1521 Converterî feature if it detects an Outlook build with the bug.
  • Aid4Mail 64-bit edition: If you are using the Outlook 64-bit edition of Aid4Mail with Outlook 2016, it may crash when you convert to an Outlook target format (PST, MSG, profile). In this case, please visit this knowledge-base page for a solution.
  • Fixes an issue in the final count details. Under certain circumstances, the ìmessages analyzedî count is doubled and the excess is added to the ìfilteredî count.

Version 4.5 (released: June 14, 2017)

  • License Control Panel for Aid4Mail Migrator.
  • Introduction of two add-on products for Aid4Mail Migrator to top-up number of sessions and duration of maintenance.
  • Performance improvements of Aid4Mail Console Launcher.
  • Interface improvements of Aid4Mail Console Launcher.
  • Added functionality to encrypt user login information contained in a CSV file.
  • Several other minor improvements and fixes.

Version 4.3 (released: February 6, 2017)

  • Adds following HTTP Request Methods (GET, POST, Ö) to scripting language:
    URL.delete(URL[; Data])
    URL.get(URL[; Data])
    URL.patch(URL[; Data])[; Data])
    URL.put(URL[; Data])
  • Use this feature to communicate with Webhooks (Zapier, IFTTT, Slack, Ö).The URL format supported by these commands is as follows: scheme:[//[user:password@]host[:port]][/]path[?query][#fragment]
  • Updates Regular Expressions engine (based on PCRE 8.40).
  • Updates OpenSSL to version 1.0.2j.
  • Fixes an issue creating PST files with a size limit when using Outlook 64-bit.
  • Several other minor improvements and fixes.

Version 4.2 (released: December 28, 2016)

  • Sets the Aid4Mail interface to French when itís installed on a system using Windows in French.
  • Adds an option to process a message store connected to an Outlook profile that is different from the default store. This can be an online archive, a public mailbox, a delegated email account, or other type of mail store.
  • Adds in Aid4Mail Console and Launcher an option to process multiple message stores connected to a source Outlook profile.
  • Improves conversion of mailbox files created by German editions of Qualcomm Eudora.
  • This update includes several minor bug fixes.

Version 4.1 (released: November 28, 2016)

  • Adds compatibility for latest Apple Mail mailbox format (EMLX files).
  • Fixes issues affecting recent Outlook 2016 updates.

Version 4.01 (released: October 21, 2016)

  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.

Version 4.0 (released: September 22, 2016

  • Adds an Aid4Mail edition that is compatible with Outlook 64-bit.
  • Aid4Mail Migrator, Forensic, and Service offer email notifications to keep you informed of progress while offsite.
  • Aid4Mail Console adds support for migration/conversion settings stored in a CSV file.
  • Bundles "Aid4Mail Console Launcher" with "Aid4Mail Console". This new tool lets you migrate accounts concurrently and can cut down processing time by a factor of 5 or more.
  • Restores folder structure from Gmail Takeout files.
  • Adds an option to receive timely license renewal reminders by email.

Version 3.9 (released: March 10, 2016)

  • Several minor bug fixes

Version 3.8 (released: October 30, 2015)

  • Adds support for Outlook 2016 (32-bit edition).
  • Adds a feature to log search paths for missing attachments when using Tokens.ini. The information is stored in AttachmentsNotFound.log under the Windows Temp folder. Example: C:\Users\{User}\AppData\Local\Temp\AttachmentsNotFound.log

Version 3.75 (released: September 15, 2015)

  • Adds full support for Google Takeout and Google Apps Vault mbox files. Aid4Mail now recovers emails along with their status information (unread, deleted, etc.). Note that the Google Apps Vault option is not available in Aid4Mail Home.
  • Adds support for restoring folders (or labels) of emails stored in Google Apps Vault mbox files.
  • Improves processing speed of Backupify mbox files.
  • Aid4Mail Console: added \IgnoreInvalidFormats command-line switch and IgnoreInvalidFormats INI file option. Use it to ignore invalid file formats that Aid4Mail encounters when processing folders. See the relevant sections in the Aid4Mail Help file for more details: General Information and Information About Mail Formats
  • Several minor improvements and fixes.

Version 3.71 (released: August 4, 2015)

  • Adds workaround to correctly interpret a date bug in mbox files created by Google Takeout.
  • Improves support for Google Takeout and Google Apps Vault mbox files.

Version 3.7 (released: July 14, 2015)

  • Improves reporting of invalid source file formats when using Aid4Mail Home, Professional and Migrator editions.
  • Updates Regular Expressions engine (based on PCRE 8.38).
  • The advanced option ìStrict mbox Mail Separator Checkî is now replaced by ìComplete mbox Mail Separator Testî. It is set by default and, in most cases, should produce the best results.
  • The ìMailSeparatorî command-line switch is now replaced by ìMailDelimTestî. Available values are Strong and Weak.
  • Improves detection of a larger range of invalid email delimiters in non-standard mbox files.
  • Fixes an mbox parsing issue that could result in two emails merging into a single target email.
  • Fixes a time-zone discrepancy in outputs from several sample scripts.
  • Several minor improvements and fixes.

Version 3.61 (released: April 14, 2015)

  • Updates Regular Expressions engine (based on PCRE 8.37).
  • Several minor improvements and fixes.

Version 3.6 (released: February 24, 2015)

  • Improves conversion of emails with international character sets to "MHT message files for viewing in Internet Explorer".
  • Fixes an issue with the conversion of Mac folder names.
  • Fixes an issue with the /DelSource command-line switch to delete successfully processed source IMAP mail.
  • Fixes an issue that causes some non-Windows character sets to render incorrectly when ìSent Itemsî emails from Outlook are converted to the MIME format.
  • Fixes a rare issue that causes HTML-based emails to export incorrectly from Outlook to the MIME format.
  • Updates documentation and EULA.
  • Several other minor improvements and fixes.

Version 3.5 (released: November 18, 2014)

  • Improves search for the location of Outlook 2013 PST files.
  • Improves handling of folder hierarchies on IBM Lotus Domino servers.
  • Repairs malformed emails in mbox and EML files that have important information missing from the message headers.
  • Fixes a fatal error that can occur while exporting email to PDF.

Version 3.44 (released: October 18, 2014)

  • Added support for handling localized Inbox folders on Gmail.
  • Updated Regular Expressions engine (based on PCRE 8.36).
  • Updated documentation.
  • Several other minor improvements and fixes.

Version 3.43 (released: September 4, 2014)

  • Updated a third-party DLL for the PDF conversion feature. It fixes an issue introduced in the previous update that produced empty embedded attachments.
  • Updated Regular Expressions engine (based on PCRE 8.35).
  • Updated documentation.
  • Several other minor improvements and fixes.

Version 3.42 (released: August 8, 2014)

  • Updated a third-party DLL for the PDF conversion feature.
  • Added a Quit confirmation when closing the Aid4Mail window during email processing.
  • Fixed a rare issue resulting in Aid4Mail not detecting a valid Office Outlook installation.
  • Fixed target file name truncation when exporting to a PDF file. This happened only when the ".pdf" extension was left out and the filename had a dot in it.

Version 3.41 (released: June 16, 2014)

  • Added new method to detect mail separators in mbox files. This change will recognize just about every non-standard separator that we've come across. However, it does slightly increase the risk of false positives (seeing a separator where there isn't one). You can reduce the risk of false positives by increasing the possibility that non-standard email separators are missed. To do so, set the "Strict mbox Mail Separator Format" option under "Advanced Options" submenu, which is available when you click on the Software button.
  • In Aid4Mail Console, use the /MailSeparator command-line switch to control this setting. To set the strict mbox mail separator format, use:


    The new default behavior is equivalent to using:

  • Added workaround to fix malformed Apple Mail emails when exported from Outlook or Eudora to mbox or EML.
  • Fixed a date conversion issue when using the /TocDate command-line switch.

Version 3.4 (released: April 16, 2014)

  • Includes an update of the OpenSSL DLL files with the Heartbleed bug fix.
  • Adds more tolerance for invalid message delimiters occasionally appearing in mbox files.
  • Improves conversion of Draft messages when transferred to Outlook.

Version 3.31 (released: March 29, 2014)

  • Adds option to improve date extraction from Qualcomm Eudora Out.toc mailboxes. See Help for instructions on the /TocDate command-line switch.
  • Fixes an issue in the Script String.GetCount function.
  • Fixes an issue sometimes causing incorrect file date stamps when saving EML and MSG files.
  • Fixes an issue generating MD5 signatures for emails that have a Message-ID header field.
  • Fixes a small memory leak.
  • Several other minor glitches fixed.

Version 3.3 (released: March 10, 2014)

  • Added options to save locally emails and attachments that fail to upload to an IMAP server. As a result, you preserve all the data that is rejected by the IMAP server. For example, if an email exceeds IMAP size limits, Aid4Mail can remove its attachments, save them locally, and then try uploading again. See under Software > IMAP Options menu.
  • Now adds Journal Report metadata to the message SMTP header: "X-MS-Journal-Report:" or "Content-Identifier: ExJournalReport".
  • Improved font sharpness when run under Windows high DPI settings.
  • Improved handling of non-standard email attachments.
  • Improved handling of non-standard mbox files.
  • Updated PDF DLL to latest version.
  • Updated documentation.

Version 3.2 (released: November 21, 2013)

  • The GUI edition of Aid4Mail is now included with the Aid4Mail Console Migrator license. This is useful if you want to make it easier for your end-users to self migrate.
  • Aborts processing when Gmail reports "exceeded bandwidth limits" error. Gmail lets you upload up to 500 MB and download up to 2,500 MB of email data per day.
  • Aid4Mail Console: Added /Log switch. Use it to save the progress information to a text file. It is faster than redirecting output to a text file.
  • Aid4Mail Console: Added support for Raw option in FilterScope setting.
  • Includes an update of the OpenSSL DLL files.
  • Fixes an issue when exporting folders with forbidden characters to
  • Updated documentation.
  • Other minor improvements and glitches fixed.

Version 3.11 (released: September 21, 2013)

  • Added support for (previously Hotmail) using IMAP.
  • Added "found in raw email" option to the "Process if words from list" setting on the Filter Options screen. Use it to search through the entire raw mail (native MIME format). For example, you can use it to find all messages that have one or more email attachments using the following regular expression search pattern:
  • R=^content-type:\smessage/rfc822$
  • Fixed an access violation error when exporting to MAPI, PST, or MSG format and Outlook 32-bit is not installed.

Version 3.1 (released: September 12, 2013)

  • Aid4Mail Console: further improvements to transfer of calendar, tasks, notes, and contact folders when exporting from a MAPI source to a MAPI target (MS Exchange, Outlook, PST).
  • Fixed issue when restoring hierarchy structure of certain types of Eudora folders.
  • Fixed access violation error when attempting to process Outlook/Exchange mail under the 64-bit edition of Outlook.
  • Fixed access violation error affecting a small number of users when converting Outlook/Exchange mail.

Version 3.0 (released: June 24, 2013)

  • Now works with Outlook 2013 Click-to-run installations.
  • Added workaround for Yahoo! Mail "[TEMPFAIL] UID FETCH Client write buffer full" error condition.
  • Improved error reporting.
  • Improved user interface accessibility.
  • Improved support for mailboxes created with the Apple Mail (Mac OS X) "Export Mailbox" command.
  • Aid4Mail Console: improved transfer of calendar, tasks, notes, and contact items when exporting from a MAPI source to a MAPI target (MS Exchange, Outlook, PST).
  • Aid4Mail Console: added option in pdf.ini to not print header and footer information in PDF pages:

  • File names are now incremented when the MD5 filename option is turned on and the duplicates option is turned off.
  • Fixed issue with special IMAP folders in PST files getting skipped when "Process only email messages" option was set.
  • Fixed too many attachments reported when creating MHT message files for importing into a database.
  • Fixed error in default target folder for Thunderbird mail.
  • Fixed issue converting partial EMLX files with multilevel .emlxpart files (e.g. "207810.1.2.emlxpart").
  • Fixed the Message.Export script method.
  • Updated module that converts email to PDF format.
  • Updated Regular Expressions engine.
  • Updated memory management engine.
  • Updated documentation.
  • Many other minor improvements and glitches fixed.

Version 2.6 (released: October 18, 2012)<

  • NameFilter.dat (see NameFilter.txt file) can now be used to fix invalid characters in folder names migrated to IMAP and MAPI accounts.
  • Improved migration of "malformed" emails to Exchange servers via IMAP.
  • Improved conversion of X.400 email addresses to SMTP when extracting outgoing mail (Sent Items) from Outlook/Exchange accounts.
  • Added new properties to Message object (script engine v1.6):
Message.Export(FileName[; Format; Options]) // Format = EML, MHT, msg, mbox, Mozilla, Contents, Addresses; Options = Full, Extract, Rich, Plain
Message.GetEmlName[(Options)] // Options = Subject, MD5
Message.GetRaw[(Options)] // Options = Full, Extract, Rich, Plain

  • Scripting: File.GetHash and String.GetHash now use the more common CRC32-CCITT algorithm to produce the CRC32 signature value.
  • Fixed issue creating folder names on Cyrus, Courier, and Zoho Mail servers when they contain invalid characters.
  • Fixed issue when exporting MSG files to Outlook. In some cases they were misinterpreted as empty and skipped.
  • Fixed issue handling some command-line switches in Aid4Mail Console.
  • Other minor improvements and glitches fixed.

Version 2.5 (released: August 10, 2012)

  • Improved error recovery when accessing Exchange servers via IMAP.
  • Apple Mail folder names are now correctly formatted on export.
  • Added a count for blank email messages in the final conversion report. They are always skipped because they have no header and no body.
  • Added a workaround that fixes emails corrupted on delivery by Dovecot servers using IMAP.
  • Fixed non-working ìHeader-based MD5 File Namesî menu command.
  • Aid4Mail Console: Enhanced the SessionName option. When used, Aid4Mail saves a text file with conversion statistics; the file name is based on the session name. The text file is saved in the program folder unless the session name includes a folder name to another location. The folder name can include tokens and system variables. Examples:
/SessionName="%AllUsersProfile%\Aid4Mail Migration\Account 072"

  • Other minor improvements and glitches fixed.

Version 2.41 (released: April 17, 2012)

  • Added new script variables (script engine v1.5):
%FF (Form Feed = page break)
%CB (Column break)
%OH (Optional hyphen)
%NBH (Non-breaking hyphen)
%NBS (Non-breaking space)

  • Updated the regular expression engine, which is now based on PCRE 8.31.
  • Slight changes to the wildcard search method; word characters include alphanumeric characters, all extended ANSI characters, as well as "_".
  •  New wildcard token:
# = matches 0 or more word characters, including HTML entity characters. Example: "na#" matches "naÔve", "na&iuml;ve", and "na&#239;ve".

  • Aid4Mail Console: added two new Exit codes:
7 = no messages due to error accessing source account or mailbox
8 = no messages due to error accessing target account or mailbox

  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused trash folders on a source IMAP account to be processed even though the "Include mail in trash" option was unchecked.
  • Minor glitches fixed.

Version 2.4 (released: January 30, 2012)

  • Under Windows 32-bit with the /3GB option and Windows x64, Aid4Mail can now allocate resources past the 2GB address limit when needed (up to 4 GB).
  • Status of EML message files from Windows (Live) Mail now treated as "Read" instead of "Unread".
  • Updated the regular expression engine.
  • Minor glitches fixed.

Version 2.36 (released: December 23, 2011)

  • Improved recovery from IMAP server errors and lost connections.
  • Improved handling of corrupt Eudora mailboxes.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Aid4Mail to freeze when exporting mail to a PDF that requires downloading contents from the internet.

Version 2.35 (released: November 29, 2011)

  • Updated the regular expression engine.
  • Improved reliability when downloading large quantities of email from Yahoo! Mail accounts.
  • Improved error reporting in Aid4Mail Console when an invalid key file is used.

Version 2.34 (released: November 14, 2011)

  • Aid4Mail Console: added new command-line switches to set source and target IMAP namespace values: /S_Namespace and /T_Namespace
  • Updated the regular expression engine, which is now based on PCRE 8.20.
  • Improved error reporting when accessing files through a network.
  • Improved error reporting when emails fail to upload on an IMAP server.
  • Fixed a bug in the Filter feature when using the "N=" token for search terms in Words List files.
  • Fixed incorrect target folder naming when exporting folders to a PDF file using the {filename} token.
  • Other minor glitches fixed.

Version 2.33 (released: October 14, 2011)

  • Aid4Mail Console: Added support for the TargetPstFolder option in the INI file. It is the equivalent of the /b command-line switch used to set the target base folder in a PST file or Outlook profile.
  • Fixed a bug causing access violation errors when converting Eudora messages with attachments containing S/MIME signatures.
  • Fixed a failure to detect a key file when it is stored in a folder that requires administrator privileges.

Version 2.32 (released: September 01, 2011)

  • Improved GUI interface with clearer list labels to select Gmail and Yahoo! Mail as source or target format.
  • Fixed an IMAP issue that resulted in an inaccessible Inbox folder in some very rare cases.

Version 2.31 (released: August 25, 2011)

  • Added new properties to MIME and Message objects to return their size in bytes (script engine v1.4):

  • Improved error recovery when communicating with an IMAP server. Depending on the nature of the error, Aid4Mail attempts to reconnect and resume email uploading or downloading.
  • Added missing "Mailbag Assistant mail archives" source option to Aid4Mail Home edition.

Version 2.3 (released: August 09, 2011)

  • Added /SessionName switch to Aid4Mail Console. It displays a session name in the console window, which helps identify multiple simultaneous instances of the program.
  • Added new ROT13 option to the String.Encode(String; Options) and String.Decode(String; Options) script functions.
  • Fixed issue in option to limit the size of target PST files. When a new PST was created after the size limit was reached, an ANSI PST file was always created instead of using the same format as the first.
  • Fixed IMAP issue that failed to show trash and junk mail folders even though option was set to process them.
  • Fixed randomly occurring script issue affecting output from Array.Format.
  • Updated dna.dll to fix occasional program crashing when activating a new license.
  • Updated license terms to include section about Aid4Mail Console Server.

Version 2.22 (released: July 08, 2011)<

  • Fixed an issue introduced in 2.21 that affects folder creation on Exchange servers using the IMAP protocol.
  • Fixed a minor display issue on the IMAP settings screen.

Version 2.21 (released: June 29, 2011)

  • Added new script function (script engine v1.3):
Wait(Time) // Causes script to pause for specified amount of time. Time value is in milliseconds.

  • Added option in IMAP settings screen to limit folder depth on export if necessary.
  • Fixed time-out issues occurring when transferring large emails (several megabytes) from one IMAP account to another.
  • Fixed issue with consecutive duplicate subfolder names on IMAP server failing to display in GUI folder selector.
  • Fixed incorrect error message when attempting to activate a seat with a multi-user activation code using an invalid password.
  • Updated Help file.

Version 2.2 (released: May 26, 2011)

  • Added new option to limit the size of target PST files. When the specified size is reached, Aid4Mail creates a new PST file and then exports the remaining mail to it.
  • Added new option to control how MD5 file names are calculated. It is available from the Software button menu under
  • Advanced Options > Header-based MD5 File Names
  • If present, the Bcc field in emails produced by Exchange journaling is now added to the original SMTP header on conversion.
  • Added new script functions (script engine v1.2):
File.GetDate(FileName[; DateField]) // DateField=create, modified, accessed
String.ToDateTime(String; Format)
String.ToTSV(String[; SubstTab; SubstLB]) // SubstLB="unwrap" or any other substitution string

System.DateTime[(Format; "UTC")]

  • Added an extra optional "Delim" parameter to two Message object functions. It allows specifying a delimiter string when the function returns more than one item.
Message.GetAddress(Field[; Part; Delim])
Message.GetFileNames([Specs; Options; Delim])

  • Added an alternative Trial Mode option. If you need to run performance tests on an unlimited number of emails, add the /NoLimit switch to your Aid4Mail command line. Using it removes the 50 email/folder trial limitation and instead replaces all exported subject lines with a trial notice.
  • Aid4Mail Console: added new /DelSource command-line switch to delete successfully processed source mail. See Help for details.
  • Updated the "Export Metadata TSV.s4o" script. Fixed an issue that interrupted downloading from AIM.Mail (AOL Mail) whenever Aid4Mail encountered the "mail is not currently available" error.
  • Minor glitches fixed.
  • Updated Help file.

Version 2.1 (released: March 22, 2011)

  • Improved the way TNEF messages are converted from Outlook/Exchange to RFC 1521 format (EML, mbox, IMAP).
  • Added two new advanced options: "Use MAPI TNEF Converter" and "Save TNEF as Winmail.dat Attachments" to control how TNEF messages are converted.
  • Added the "Easy Service Launcher" utility to the Aid4Mail Console server distribution package. Use the utility to run Aid4Mail Console as a Windows Service.
  • Added two new scripts to generate a time-line of emails received and sent:
Timeline by day.s4o
Timeline by month.s4o

  • Fixed failure to logon to IMAP accounts on a Mirapoint Messaging Server.
  • Fixed missing extraction icon issue when converting mail with certain types of attachments to PDF.
  • Fixed an issue in the GUI version that missed emails which were stored at the root of the folder hierarchy in a PST file (i.e. emails that were not contained in a folder).
  • Fixed a script engine issue in Aid4Mail Console that caused all Settings properties results to return false, 0, or an empty string.
  • Other minor glitches fixed.
  • Updated Help file.

Version 2.09 (released: March 08, 2011)

  • Added support for rebuilding partial EMLX files.
  • Added two new command-line switch to Aid4Mail Console: /Stop
  • Terminates program execution just before mail processing starts. Useful to verify settings validity without processing mail.
  • /QuitIfTrial Terminates program execution if it starts in trial mode.
  • Added new EXIT code to Aid4Mail Console: 6 = Program terminated in response to the QuitIfTrial setting.
  • Fixed a few issues related to creating PDF files.
  • Fixed some minor memory leaks.

Version 2.08 (released: February 28, 2011)

  • Added two new scripts.
  • Improved conversion of Outlook sent mail based on the UTF-8 character set.
  • Fixed an issue in the eDiscovery editions that failed to process deleted mail in IMAP folders.
  • Fixed a date-setting issue related to uploading messages to an IMAP server.
  • Other minor glitches fixed.
  • Updated Help file.

Version 2.07 (released: February 11, 2011)

  • Aid4Mail Console: changed the behavior of the /S switch used for processing subfolders. Aid4Mail now turns this option on by default. If you do not want to process subfolders, use the following switch in the command line:

  • Aid4Mail Console now supports IMAP logon details (user name and password) and log file name through the command line. Other server settings are taken from the imap.ini files as before. The command-line settings override existing INI settings. The following command-line switches are available:
Sets the logon password for the source IMAP account.

/S_UserId="User name"
Sets the logon user name for the source IMAP account.

Sets the logon password for the target IMAP account.

/T_UserId="User name"
Sets the logon user name for the target IMAP account.

/S_Log [/S_Log="file name"]
Sets the log file name for the source IMAP account.

/T_Log [/T_Log="file name"]
Sets the log file name for the target IMAP account.

  • Fixed an issue with IMAP servers supporting identical folder names with differing character case. Prior to this update, Aid4Mail failed to load duplicate names and only processed the first of such folders.
  • Fixed an issue with the creation of PDF/A files. Inserted attachments and RFC data (email header or whole message) are not extractable. This is because such contents are not permitted in PDF/A files. Aid4Mail now exports these contents in corresponding subfolders of the target PDF folder.
  • Other minor glitches fixed.

Version 2.06 (released: February 05, 2011)

  • Exporting messages to the Outlook MSG format now creates Unicode MSG files instead of the older Ansi MSG format when Outlook 2003 or newer is installed.
  • Added option to skip email duplicates across folders in GUI editions of Aid4Mail (this feature was already available in Aid4Mail Console).
  • Added support for Incremental Processing (feature available under Advanced Option menu and through the command line).
  • Added a new wildcard search token "**" (without quotes) to span a match across multiple words within a line.
  • Example: "click**link" matches "click link", "click on link", "clicking on link", and "Click on this link".
  • When a Gmail account is selected as source mail, the "[Gmail]/All Mail" is now checked by default. Furthermore, to optimize duplicates filtering, Aid4Mail processes the "[Gmail]/All Mail" folder last so that messages under user created folders are not skipped unnecessarily.
  • Increased the information displayed at the start of the progress screen. It now shows which filter options are set and which type of emails will be skipped.
  • Added two additional output scripts. Both are for exporting email metadata without email contents and attachments.

Version 2.05 (released: January 27, 2011)

  • Fixed an issue in the text filtering feature that failed to treat extended double quotes (ì...î) as word boundaries.

Version 2.04 (released: January 21, 2011)

  • Improved compatibility with certain types of IMAP servers.
  • Fixed an issue related to setting internal date of emails uploaded to an IMAP server.
  • Fixed failure to open error log at appropriate moment.

Version 2.03 (released: January 17, 2011)

  • Improved processing speed with certain kinds of email conversions.
  • Fixed a randomly occurring bug that could make Aid4Mail crash when a connection to a PST file failed.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused a license activation failure.

Version 2.02 (released: January 07, 2011)

  • Support for *.wdseml files created by Mozilla Thunderbird when the Windows Search Integration option is set. Each file is a copy of a mailbox message and is stored in a .mozmsg folder. The format is identical to EML files.
  • New "Advanced Options" submenu available through the Software button menu. The following options are available and can be used instead of their corresponding command-line switches:
Strict File Format Check
Fast Mail Processing (less safe)
Use MAPI RFC Converter
Fix MAPI Header Errors
Use Received Date Field
Log IMAP Communications

  • New option to log IMAP communications (available through "Advanced Options" submenu). This feature is useful to identify issues encountered when connecting to an IMAP account or when uploading/downloading messages to it. The log files are saved in the "My Documents" folder.
  • Fixed a Script engine issue causing failure to extract attachments from certain types of emails.
  • Fixed a display issue when exporting text based on the hz-gb-2312 character set to PDF.
  • Other minor bug fixed.

Version 2.01 (released: December 29, 2010)

  • Includes additional sample filter and output scripts.
  • CSV export script updated so that Excel correctly recognizes UTF-8 encoded characters.
  • Script shortcut menu adds command to create new scripts.
  • Two new script commands (script engine v1.1):
Array.Load(Array; FileName)
Array.Save(Array; FileName[; Option])

  • Updated Help file.
  • Minor bug fixed.

Version 2.0 (released: December 07, 2010)

  • IMAP support. Aid4Mail can now export and import messages from or to a remote server. Works with popular services like Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Zoho Mail, AIM.Mail (AOL Mail), FastMail, and GMX Mail.
  • Export mail to PDF and PDF/A files (feature availability depends on edition).
  • Dedicated scripting language that can be used for sophisticated filtering tasks, detailed logging, data extraction, statistics, and custom export formats. See the "Writing Aid4Mail Scripts" topic in the Aid4Mail Help file to learn more about this feature.
  • Restore the hierarchy of Outlook Express folders on export.
  • Restore downloaded mail contained in Outlook Express DBX files linked to an IMAP account.
  • Append mail to an existing PST file.
  • Create password-protected PST target files.
  • Source and target PST password set through the GUI and console command-line.
  • Filtering using a word list can now be applied either to just the email header, or the message text (subject line + message body), or the whole email (header + message body).
  • Support for wildcards and regular expressions in the word list feature on the filter screen. The regular expression engine is based on PCRE 8.10. Its syntax is documented in the Regex.chm Help file.
  • The maximum supported email size has been increased by a factor of three. So if there is enough available contiguous RAM, an email of up to 768 MB can be handled by Aid4Mail.
  • Aid4Mail Console now allows exporting a PST file or Outlook profile to another PST file or Outlook profile.
  • Improved interface making it easier to understand.
  • Improved error reporting.
  • Aid4Mail Console available in trial mode.
  • License options are better defined and take into account a larger array of uses.
  • Licensing is now subscription-based and includes "one-time use" options.
  • All updates and major upgrades are available free of charge during the subscription period.
  • Updated documentation and EULA.
  • Features that still need to be completed: Help file for scripting language.

Version 1.0 (released: March 22, 2005)

This is the first official release of Aid4Mail.

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