Does the Aid4Mail 4 activation system collect any of my private data?

Personal End User information stored in the softWORKZ license management system:

- One-way Hash: Information that identify parts of your computer are put through a special function (called a “one-way hash”) that turns the information into one code number that is unique to the end user’s computer but cannot be deciphered (or reverse engineered) to determine what those components are. Only this hash value is sent to the activation server and not the details on the computer parts.

- Computer Name / ID

- License Activation Email

- License Activation Password

- Registration information as collected by your software application

We recommend that no important personal passwords be used for the activation password, or a password that personally identifies you.

Besides Fookes Software, softWORKZ does not share this information with other 3rd parties.

If you would like more information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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