What is “lockout” mode?

To ensure compliance with the Aid4Mail License Agreement, the number of re-activations allowed in a given time period is limited. If this limit is exceeded, the activation server will lock your code and you must wait before being allowed to reactivate. Too many failed password attempts can also result in a lockout to protect your code from theft. The system also includes an anti-fraud system that disables activation codes in cases of credit-card chargeback or refunds.

Note that the License Agreement allows Aid4Mail to be moved from an old computer to a new one that replaces it. However it does not allow a license to be re-activated on a different computer or user account (e.g. Windows logon) in order to access another person’s mail.

If you are in lockout mode because of too many re-activations, please read the Aid4Mail License Agreement to ensure that you are complying to its terms.

If you experience any issues, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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