How do I activate my Aid4Mail 4 Migrator License?

Activating your Aid4Mail Migrator license is simple and will require internet access.

How to Activate your Aid4Mail Migrator license in the GUI version (Aid4Mail wizard):

  1. To activate your License Code (ex: cb-12345678910), first start Aid4Mail in trial mode.
  2. On the first screen, select "Aid4Mail Migrator" in the "Test Edition:" drop-down list.
  3. Next click on "Activate".

  4. On the License Activation screen, enter your license code in the "License Code" field.
  5. Fill in Optional boxes as needed and click "OK" to activate your license. 


  • If you have a security key, enter it in the second field (beware, this is different from a license dashboard password).
  • If you are required to add a personal user ID as your session name, enter it in the third field.

  1. Start Aid4Mail Console Launcher and click on "Settings" and then "Options".
  2. In the Options dialog box, select the "License" tab.
  3. Enter your License Code in the first field.
  4. Fill in Optional "License Security Key" if needed.
  5. Click "OK" to activate your Aid4Mail Migrator license.

How to activate your Aid4Mail Migrator license in Aid4Mail Console:

  1. With Aid4Mail Console you will need to provide your License Code through the /LicenseCode command-line switch.
  2. Use the /LicenseSK switch if you need to specify a security key.

If you experience any issues, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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