How to migrate from and to an Exchange Public Folder with Aid4Mail 4

Migrating from or to an Exchange Public folder (of an Outlook or Exchange mail account) can be accomplished in Aid4Mail 4 (when using the 32-bit Outlook compatible Aid4Mail version). 

After selecting the "Email Profile (access to an Outlook or Exchange mail account)" option as either the "Mail Source" or "Target Format", you will be brought to the "MAPI Store" screen. 

On the "MAPI Store" screen, you will need to select the appropriate "Profile Name" and then the "Public Information Store" option, as shown here:

After selecting "Next" Aid4Mai will load the Public Folders found in the selected MAPI Profile. 

From here you will either select the Public Folder you would like to migrate from or select the folder (and optionally create a new sub-folder using the "Create and Save under following sub-folder option) you would like to migrate mail to.

Should you require any assistance, please don't hesitate to contact the help desk.

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