I have Microsoft Outlook installed in Internet Mail Only mode (IMO). Is it supported by Aid4Mail 4?

The MAPI subsystem installed in the Internet Mail Only mode (only exists in Outlook 98/2000) is a stub that provides minimal MAPI support for the basic functionality of Office Outlook, and may not work properly with Aid4Mail. When using MS Outlook 98 and 2000, it must be installed in Corporate/WorkGroup mode to ensure full compatibility with Aid4Mail. Instructions for changing Outlook 2000 mode are available on Microsoft’s website.

How to tell which setup option you have: In Outlook on the Help menu, click About Microsoft Outlook. Next, look at the second line of text in the About Microsoft Outlook dialog box. If it shows “Corporate or Workgroup”, then you have a fully working version of Outlook with Extended MAPI installed.

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