Why am I getting a "MAPI Call Failed. Error adding data to the MAPI store because it is full" error in Aid4Mail 4?

The "MAPI call failed" error message indicates that it is Outlook rejecting the emails. The "Error adding data to the MAPI store because it is full" message is usually due to one of the following reasons:

  • Your Outlook mailbox store or PST file is full and cannot accept new data. See this page: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/982577
  • The drive that stores your Outlook store or PST file is full.

Did you turn on "Create Unicode PST" on Aid4Mail's Target Settings screen? 

When that option is on, Aid4Mail will create a Unicode PST that goes up to 50 GB in Outlook 2016/2013/2010 or 20 GB in Outlook 2007/2003. However if that option is off then Aid4Mail will create an ANSI PST file, for pre-2003 versions of Outlook, that's limited to 2 GB.

If you have too much mail for one PST file, you have several options:

  • Use "Limit file size" on Aid4Mail's Target Settings screen. This will fill a PST file to the size that is set and then create new PST file(s) for the remaining mail.
  • Use Aid4Mail's filter feature to break down the mail. You can do this by date range and by keyword combinations. So for example you could create a PST file for each 2 year period in your archives.
  • Only migrate one mailbox at a time, creating a separate PST file for each mailbox.

If this doesn't solve your problem, or if you experience any further issues, don't hesitate to contact us.

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