How can I access mail in my Outlook Online Archive with Aid4Mail 4?

Prior to Aid4Mail 4.2, you could only process the default message store in an Outlook profile. Now you can specify any message store that is connected to your profile, including an online archive. 

This feature is available through the "Message store name" field on the MAPI Store screen in the Aid4Mail Wizard. You can specify the store name through the command-line in Aid4Mail Console and in a CSV data file for the Console Launcher.

You can either specify the full name of the store or a partial name by using a wildcard pattern. For example, suppose you want to process an online archive on Microsoft Exchange called Online Archive - You can either:

  1. Select it by using the full name: Online Archive -
  2. Or use a wildcard to leave out the end.
  3. Or use a wildcard to leave out the beginning: *
  4. Or use a wildcard at the beginning and end to match any part of the name: *Archive*

Matching is not case sensitive, so *archive* and *Archive* and *ARCHIVE* will work equally well. If several names match the wildcard pattern, then only the first matching message store will be processed.

The default message store is used if you don't specify a message store name. This is also the case if you use "*" or "**" as a partial name pattern in the GUI version of Aid4Mail.

If you experience any issues, please don't hesitate to contact us by raising a ticket.

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