Why am I getting "email attachment not found" or "email file not found" error messages when processing Eudora files?

Missing attachments are a common issue with Eudora. This is because Eudora extracts attachments from messages and stores them in a separate folder. A reference to the disk file is then inserted in the corresponding email to preserve the link between them. 

Unfortunately, Eudora does not provide a means to update this reference when the location of the attachment folder is changed. When the link is broken, the message can no longer open the extracted contents.

Aid4Mail uses links stored in messages to find the corresponding attachments. If it cannot find the files at the indicated location, Aid4Mail searches for the location relative to the mailbox file being processed. When this fails, the extracted contents are lost during the conversion process. 

To avoid this, you can define a configuration file to tell Aid4Mail where to look for extracted attachments. To do so, create an INI file called Tokens.ini and save it in the Aid4Mail program folder or place it in the Aid4Mail folder under Application Data. Note that any changes you make to the file must be saved before you launch Aid4Mail, or else they might not be picked up by the software.

When using Tokens.ini, a log file is automatically created whenever attachments are not found. It stores all the alternative search paths used by Aid4Mail to look for missing files. This can help you determine if you have correctly configured Tokens.ini. The log file is called AttachmentsNotFound.log and is stored under the Windows Temp folder. Typically something like this:


Add the section [SubstPaths] to the Tokens.ini file followed by the old drive/path names and their corresponding new values. Example:




C:\Documents and Settings\William\=C:\Documents and Settings\Bill\

Typically, you will only enter one item under the [SubstPaths] section. But if your mail files have been moved around several times, you may have several different path references that need correcting. In this case, Aid4Mail will test each item sequentially until it finds the file or reaches the end of the list. You do not need to enter the full path to the attachments folder, but only the start until the changed part. Example:


C:\Program Files\Eudora Pro\=C:\Program Files\Eudora 7\

C:\Program Files\Eudora 4\=C:\Program Files\Eudora 7\

C:\Program Files\Eudora 5\=C:\Program Files\Eudora 7\

C:\Program Files\Eudora 6\=C:\Program Files\Eudora 7\

Supposing your Eudora attachments are now stored under the following folder:

C:\Program Files\Eudora 7\Attach\

but were previously stored under:

C:\Program Files\Eudora Pro\Attach\

then the first item in the above example under the [SubstPaths] section will instruct Aid4Mail to modify the following attachment link:

C:\Program Files\Eudora Pro\Attach\Contract.doc

C:\Program Files\Eudora 7\Attach\Contract.doc

Alternatively, if you have attachment references pointing to many different places but have copied or moved all the files to one location, then you can use the special Attachments and Embedded values to identify the folder. Note that the Embedded value normally only applies to Eudora's embedded files. This feature makes it possible to simplify the example above:


Attachments=C:\Program Files\Eudora 7\attach\

Embedded=C:\Program Files\Eudora 7\Embedded\

Supposing your Eudora sent attachments originally had the following names:

D:\My Documents\Word\Contract.doc

D:\My Documents\My Pictures\Drafts\Logo-1.jpg

D:\My Documents\My Pictures\Final\Logo.tif

but are now all stored in this folder:

F:\My Documents\Eudora\Attachments\

Create the following entry in your Tokens.ini file:


Attachments=F:\My Documents\Eudora\Attachments\

that will then instruct Aid4Mail to look for the three attachment files in the following place:

F:\My Documents\Eudora\Attachments\Contract.doc

F:\My Documents\Eudora\Attachments\Logo-1.jpg

F:\My Documents\Eudora\Attachments\Logo.tif

If you experience any issues, please don't hesitate to contact us by raising a ticket.

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