Aid4Mail 5 RC is now available with a full feature set!

Aid4Mail 5 is now feature-complete and available as a release candidate (RC). It has been extensively tested and is safe to use in a live production environment.

Aid4Mail 5 is rewritten from the ground up with a new UI and up to 6x faster. Adds support for OST, OLM and Mimecast files. Offers powerful filtering with Gmail/O365 search operators, custom processing with Python scripts, simplified licensing, and lots more.

Aid4Mail 5 comes in three editions: Converter, Investigator and Enterprise. Converter focuses on email conversion and is very fast! Investigator uses the same engine and adds powerful email filtering, Bates stamping and Python scripting. Enterprise includes all the Investigator features and can be installed on a server or run from a USB drive.  

Find more information about Aid4Mail 5 here.

Aid4Mail 5 Feature Comparison Chart

Aid4Mail v4 vs. v5 Comparison Chart

If you have an Aid4Mail 4 license, get in touch with us to learn more about your options for upgrading. 

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