Redefine Outline files for Notepad++

 For others moving from NoteTab to Notepad++, you can defined a User-Defined language for outline files, so you can hide and unhide (fold and unfold) individual entries. This is the important part of the NoteTab functionality for outline files.

I’ve added an end-of-outline-entry symbol “End=Entry” that should appear at the end of each entry. I’ve also written a migration program in PHP to insert these end-of-outline-entry symbols automatically into outline files (.otl). I’m using the “.out” extension for the output of this program. These .out files will be “outline” files in Notepad++.

Here is the migration program:



//		Program to migrate .otl files to .out files
//		Springtime Software, David Spector, 10/3/19, public domain.


// Delete two header lines

foreach ($Lines as $n=>$Line)
	if ($R && !$firstLine)

// Terminate last entry



function GetGetArg()
	foreach ($_GET as $ArgName=>$ArgVal)
		return $ArgName;
		} // Each expected arg
	} // GetGetArg


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