Cannot dismiss "Find and Replace" bubble without using mouse

I have been a NoteTab user for many, many years, approximately from the beginning of the product. Lately, whenever I reinstall it, I get weird behavior that I never saw before. I'm sure there must be a setting for this, but I have not found it.

When a do a Find and Replace, selecting the "Replace All" option (by typing the Ctrl-A key combination), the Find and Replace bubble in the following picture appears. I used to be able to dismiss it by simply pressing the Esc key. Now, I have to take the time to move my hand to the mouse, move the mouse to either the bubble or the Close button, and press the mouse button.  How can I get back to simply pressing the Esc key?

Thank you


  • Hi Paul,

    First of all, your test text made me smile. Thank you for that.

    I've tested this out on my own installation of NoteTab and I experience the same thing. I suspect that if you were able to dismiss the bubble with the ESC key in the past, it must have been something you changed in the settings.

    To be frank, I've had a look and I can't see what that setting could be. But I have found a work-around for you. If you hit the Windows key twice, it will do the trick. Of course it isn't a perfect solution because it will open and then close the Windows menu, but if you're desperate it will work.

    I would suggest raising the problem you're experiencing in one of the NoteTab groups. There are some very smart and experienced NoteTab users in the groups who often come up with creative solutions for things like this. You can find them here:

    Thanks for posting on the forum. And if you do find a better solution than what I have proposed, please do post it! I'll also check with a few people on my end to see if we can't find a more elegant solution.

    Kind regards,


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