Aid4Mail 4.51 squishes some bugs in Outlook 2016

You may have seen this lovely warning on our download page recently:


And you may be wondering what is going on. Well, an Outlook update released on June 1st this year has been the source of much hair-pulling and frustration in our company recently.

When this Outlook update was released, it introduced a bug that can cause programs that access a feature used to convert MIME mail into the proprietary Outlook format to crash. Guess who uses this feature? We do!

What this means is if you’re using either PST or MAPI as your target format, Aid4Mail may crash. We say “may” because we’ve managed to get Aid4Mail to run on some computers with the latest version of Outlook 2016 (including my own). But still, many of our customers do seem to face this issue.

So far there have been 3 new updates to Outlook since the bug was introduced and none of them have addressed this issue, despite Microsoft saying it should. And we aren’t the only ones experiencing it. Based on a discussion on TechNet, it looks like this is also affecting big players like Kapersky. Apparently, they have recommended that users turn off their anti-spam Outlook add-in until the issue is resolved.

So, what now? We are fed up with waiting for Microsoft to fix this bug. We think our customers deserve better than this. So, alongside the manual solution we have already offered to customers, we have also paused our current Aid4Mail 5 development plans to dedicate all our resources to resolving this issue. The great news is that we have now released a new update that detects what version of Outlook you have installed on your computer, and activates a work-around solution to ensure the conversion runs smoothly.


The caveat is, this work-around will only work with Outlook 32-bit. If you have Outlook 64-bit installed, please read the KB article we have written here.

To our existing customers: thank you for your patience while we resolve this, you’re the best! We hope this new version resolves any issues you are experiencing.

To our future customers: although we can’t control what major software companies do with their mail products, our first priority is you. We will always strive to provide effective work-arounds and fixes when the need arises, just as we have done today. As a small company, we take pride in our ability to be agile and ensure customers always have the best possible experience when using our software.

Thanks for your support!

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