New Aid4Mail Version Launched!

Today we released a new update of Aid4Mail, version 4.5. Minor fixes and performance improvements have been made to all licenses, but the biggest changes are to the Aid4Mail Migrator license. See the graphic below for the key changes:


Pictured in the graphic you can see our new Online License Control Panel. When you purchase Aid4Mail Migrator, you will gain access to your portal to view and monitor the migration remotely.


Another big change is that the Aid4Mail Migrator license now has a longer license validity period. Starting at 1 year for a license with 50 sessions, this increases to up to 3 years for 20,000+ sessions.


Additionally, our users will now have the ability to purchase top-up packages to extend their license validity, and to add extra sessions.


For more information, check out our press release.


If you have any questions about these changes, please do contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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