Goodbye Julian, Welcome Josh!

Goodbye Julian

We're sad to say that Julian, one of our customer support super-stars will be leaving today.

Many of you would have worked with him over his 8+ year tenure as our main customer support representative at Fookes Software. 

While we are sad to see him go, we also hope that we'll continue to collaborate with him in the future. He has been a wonderful support both to our customers, and to Fookes' employees alike. We'll greatly miss having him on the team. 

If you would like to wish Julian the best for the future, you're welcome to comment on this topic.

Welcome Josh!

To ensure you continue to get the excellent support you are accustomed to, we're excited to say we have hired Josh as Julian's replacement. Josh has had the benefit of Julian training him over the past few weeks, and he is quickly getting up to speed with our products and licensing. Everyone on the team will be supporting Josh in his learning phase, so you will still receive prompt and detailed answers to your technical queries. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us by raising a ticket.

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