NoteTab Pro spell check not working

Reinstalled NoteTab Pro 4.95 on a new machine and the spell check didn't work. Then noticed that if I first save the file with NoteTab Pro the spell check works. Sorted!

  • Hi Geo Meadows,

    Thanks for your contribution! I edited your topic to spell out "NoteTab" so others searching for an answer like this can find it easier. Feel free to add any other tips or tricks you may have for NoteTab!

    Kind regards,


  • Where is the spell checker? It's not on the toolbar or under tools. Baffling.


  • Hi David, 

    Thank you for contacting us. I would be happy to help you out. 

    If you are using the NoteTab Pro trial, it does not come with the spell-checker as stated above the download free trial now link:

    In the full paid version of NoteTab Pro, spell checker can be found under tools:


    Best Regards, 


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