Where do I find the Aid4Mail Console Launcher (GUI)

Aid4Mail Console Launcher is included in your purchase if you have an Aid4Mail Migrator or Service license.

Aid4Mail Console Launcher is also available if you purchase the Console as an additional add-on for the Aid4Mail Forensic license.

If you have a license that includes Aid4Mail Console Launcher, or you have purchased the add-on, you can find the program in your Aid4Mail program folder under the name a4m-launcher.exe

If you haven't yet purchased Aid4Mail or the Console add-on and you want to trial the Console Launcher, you will need to download the full trial.

For the Aid4Mail Service (for eDiscovery, forensics and archiving) full trial, please fill out the form here.

For the Aid4Mail Migrator (for email migration) full trial, please fill out the form here.

Aid4Mail Console Launcher will run in trial mode until you purchase an Aid4Mail Migrator or Service license, or the add-on option for Aid4Mail Forensic.

If you experience any issues, please don't hesitate to contact us by raising a ticket.

If you would like to buy an Aid4Mail license, visit the Aid4Mail website.

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