How can I control where NoteTab stores user settings and data?

NoteTab versions 7, 6, and 5 are designed to work under multi-user environments and stores user settings and data under the Application Data folder. Previous versions of NoteTab stored such files by default under the NoteTab program folder. You can instruct NoteTab to use the program folder as the main storage location instead of the Application Data folder. To do so, simply place the program INI file in the same folder as the NoteTab program file (NoteTab.ini for NoteTab Light/Std and NotePro.ini for NoteTab Pro). An empty INI file will do the trick.

IMPORTANT: You should not store NoteTab settings under the Program Files folder if you are working in a multi-user environment, or are running Windows 7 or Vista, or running Windows XP without administrative privileges. Furthermore, if you choose to store your settings under the Program Files folder, it is your responsibility to backup any NoteTab Clipbook libraries and templates that you have customized before installing updates. Installing NoteTab updates replaces such files under the program folder with the default copies.

If you install NoteTab 7, 6, or 5 over an earlier version of NoteTab, then user data will be stored in the same folders as before; if you want to have user data stored under the Application Data folder, then simply move the INI file to the Application Data\NoteTab Pro folder for NoteTab Pro, or Application Data\NoteTab Light folder for NoteTab Light, or Application Data\NoteTab Std folder for NoteTab Std. Note that the Application Data folder isAppData\Roaming on Windows 7 and Vista.

If you work with sensitive data and need to ensure that it remains secure, you may want to instruct NoteTab to save its customization files on an encrypted drive instead of under the Application Data folder. You can do this with the /USER command-line switch, which is available since NoteTab 5.1. Example assuming E: is your encrypted drive:
NotePro.exe /USER="E:\NoteTab Data"

Alternatively, you can use the /USER command-line switch to share the same customization files with multiple NoteTab users across a network. Also, if you run different versions of NoteTab (e.g. Pro and Std), you can use this switch to force them to use the same data folder.

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