Can I run NoteTab from a USB flash drive (or memory stick)?

Yes! Simply install NoteTab on your USB drive as you would on any other drive on your computer. If you also want NoteTab to store all settings and user-data on the USB drive (instead of the Application Data folder of the current user account), just create a blank INI file or copy an existing one to the same folder as the NoteTab program file (NoteTab.ini for NoteTab Light/Std and NotePro.ini for NoteTab Pro).

If your USB drive doesn’t have a permanent drive letter assigned to it, file references saved in NoteTab’s INI and Favorites lists may have incorrect drive information. You can solve this problem by launching NoteTab with the /usb command-line switch (new in version 5.2). This will instruct NoteTab to look for the file on the USB drive if it doesn’t exist at the specified location. Using this switch also causes NoteTab to store all its settings on the USB drive. Example:
NotePro.exe /usb

Starting with version 5.7, you only need to use this command the first time you run NoteTab off a USB drive. NoteTab then stores the information in its INI file on the USB drive. To cancel the option, run NoteTab with the /usb=false command-line switch.

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