U.S. Government Purchases

If you are purchasing software from us on behalf of a U.S. government organization, below is some information you will need for the purchase.

All orders are processed via Cleverbridge, our e-commerce partner. Because of this, it's probable you would need their Tax ID, Duns and Cage numbers rather than our own as you will technically be purchasing the software through them. 

Listed below are the most common vendor numbers required for U.S. government purchases:

Global DUNS: 537461787

Vendor DUNS: 623150443

Tax ID: 215/5808/2782 (Germany) 

Cage: 4SPW1

Please note: Cleverbridge is based in Germany and because of this, there is no requirement by U.S. tax law for them to provide a W-8 or W-9 for any order from the U.S.

Attached is further information from Cleverbridge that may be required to complete your order.

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