Cannot create app password for Yahoo!/AOL account

We have had reports of users unable to create an app specific password with Yahoo!/AOL accounts. 

Please be aware that you may need to turn-on 2-step verification but normally it is not necessary as shown here:

Users have also reported that the web browser being used can affect whether the "App Password" option is available. Some users have received the message "Sorry, the feature is not available right now!". 

Users have had success using Chrome and Edge web browsers. While web browsers like Brave and Firefox have shown to not allow the app password option to be available. 

We suggest using Chrome or Microsoft Edge web browsers when trying to create Yahoo!/AOL account app passwords.

This is unfortunately an issue with AOL. Here is an an AOL forum post about it: 

It looks like some users also had some success using a different machine/computer to get the app password option working.

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