When does my Aid4Mail 5 license validity period start?

If you purchase and/or use an Activation Code, you agree to comply with the license activation and verification. The activation technology may prevent your use of the Software if you do not follow the activation process described in this document. Activation, re-activation, and license verification all require an internet connection.

The Subscription Period starts when the Activation Code is activated for the first time.

Each license has an activation grace period of 4 months. This means you have 4 months in which to activate the license and still retain a license’s full duration of the purchased Subscription Period. Shoulda license be activated after the 4-month grace period has expired, the Subscription Period will be reduced by the number of days since the grace period has expired and when the license was activated(e.g.: if you activate your one-year license 5 months after purchasing it, you will only have 11 months remaining as your Subscription Period). 

If the activation code is not used within the normal duration of the license plus the 4 months grace period from the purchase date, the activation code becomes invalid.

If you experience any issues, please don't hesitate to contact us.

If you would like to purchase an Aid4Mail license, please visit the Aid4Mail website.

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