Aid4Mail 5 Version History

What’s New in Aid4Mail 5?


Version 5.0.10 RC2 (released: July 13, 2021)

* Adds option to process hidden Outlook folders (PST, OST and Outlook profiles). This feature is only available in Aid4Mail Investigator and Enterprise.

* Improves loading of folder tree from Outlook profiles.

* Updates the User Guide.

Version 5.0.9 RC1 (released: June 29, 2021)

* Adds support for Outlook OST and OLM files as source formats.

* Adds support for Apple Mail EMLX files as a source format.

* Adds option to process PST and MSG files (source and target) without needing Outlook.

* Adds option to export all emails to a single PDF.

* Adds many PDF configuration options, including PDF/A file standard.

* Adds fully configurable PDF header and footer using template tokens (e.g. Bates stamp).

* Improves handling of certain types of Thunderbird folders as well as reported progress statistics.

* Improves progress log conversion status information.

* Fixes Received date issue when uploading emails to Office 365 via the IMAP protocol.

* Fixes several issues related to Project management in the GUI.

* Many minor fixes and improvements.

* Updates the User Guide.

Version 5.0.8 Early Access (released: April 27, 2021)

* Adds "Remove journaling envelope" option under Source section in the session settings. Use this feature to process the original message contained in a journaled email.

* Improves reliability of email conversion to PDF files.

* Improves Progress screen by adding the count for unprocessed items and folders.

* Improves the substitution of illegal characters with better alternatives when creating folder and file names.

* Improves log file information. On opening a folder, it includes the total items count. On closing a folder, it shows the count for skipped and unprocessed items.

* Fixes access issues to folders and files located on a network drive.

* Fixes issues occurring sometimes when accessing IMAP folder names that contain one of more of the following characters: * % { }

* Fixes encoding issue when converting emails with UNIX line breaks to Outlook.

* Fixes "Use email UID value" feature (available through the Target "File name" setting). In some cases, it created negative values when all values should be positive.

* Many minor fixes and improvements.

* Updates the User Guide.

Version 5.0.7 Early Access (released: March 19, 2021)

* Adds option in the GUI to export a folder structure to a text file.

* Adds a new configuration field for archival and database formats. Use it to extract just the file name (without the path) of your source:




* Fixes an issue reading source Outlook profiles and PST files. If a system folder like Inbox or Deleted Items contained subfolders, earlier versions of Aid4Mail 5 failed to process them.

* Fixes an issue with incremental processing of Exchange accounts through MAPI and the Microsoft Graph API.

* Many minor improvements and bug fixes in the GUI.

Version 5.0.6 Early Access (released: February 22, 2021)

* Adds Maildir format as a source option.

* Improves rendering the folder structure of Thunderbird mailboxes.

* Reduces loss of emails when processing corrupted source Thunderbird and mbox files.

* Fixes issue accessing Thunderbird mailboxes while Thunderbird is running.

* Fixes issue processing IMAP accounts in Thunderbird when "Message Store Type for new accounts" is set to maildir. If you have an IMAP account stored in the maildir format, you should choose the EML source format in Aid4Mail to process those emails.

* Fixes issue with some MIME encodings of extended characters when using 64-bit Console.

* Fixes issue in filter script syntax when using the "wordlist" option.

* Several fixes and improvements to the GUI.

Version 5.0.5 Early Access (released: January 26, 2021)

* Adds Google Vault (zipped MBOX files) and Proofpoint (ZIP archives) as source formats. Aid4Mail processes these file formats without the need to unzip contents. These new formats are only available in Aid4Mail Enterprise.

* Adds Bates configuration options: number of digits, prefix and suffix, and counter scope (Session, Project, Global). These options are only available in Aid4Mail Investigator and Enterprise.

* Adds option to run license in a VM or virtual environment like Citrix XenApp. Please contact us for details and pricing.

* Adds "Recent projects" menu and improves "Open project" command.

* Adds "Content configuration" and "Email header configuration" editor (available through Edit button above corresponding field).

* Adds "Case" fields to Aid4Mail Converter edition.

* Improves Project Case fields. Values from most of these fields are now available for use in custom header configurations and free-form templates.

* Adds following Template tokens:


* Renames following Template tokens:

{BatesCounter} -> {BatesNumber}
{CaseOwnerName} -> {CaseName}

* Adds -cli switch to the Aid4Mail Enterprise Console command-line. Use it when you want to run the console without any session configuration file (.ini). Example (long line might wrap):

a4m-32.exe -cli -App.SessionName:Test -Source.Format:EML -Source.RootLocation:C:\Email\Source\EML\ -Target.Format:MapiMsg -Target.RootLocation:C:\Email\Target\MSG\ -Modify.TargetFileNameFormat:FNV1a -Modify.TargetFolderPathFormat:Flat

* Improves source and target format names shown in drop-down lists.

* Fixes the IMAP error "[NONEXISTENT] Invalid folder" when accessing a Gmail Inbox folder that has its name localized in a different language.

* Fixes issue with "Limit PST file size" option. The size value was incorrectly interpreted.

* Fixes issue with the conversion of some dates from local to UTC.

* Fixes issue with some O365 native searches failing. Please note that earlier versions of our Help file incorrectly listed AQS as one of the query languages. The correct language is KQL. Use the following link to review the syntax:

* Many minor improvements.

* Updates the User Guide.

* Visit our knowledge-base for “how-to” articles on the newly supported archival formats:

Google Vault: How to Process Google Vault Exports (Aid4Mail 5 Enterprise license)

Mimecast: How to Process Mimecast Exports (Aid4Mail 5 Enterprise license)

Proofpoint: How to Process Proofpoint Exports (Aid4Mail 5 Enterprise license)

Version 5.0.4 Early Access (released: December 17, 2020)

* Adds Mimecast zipped EML SJF files (source format). Archives are processed without the need to unzip contents. This feature is only available in Aid4Mail Enterprise.

* Adds Google Takeout (source format). Original Gmail folder structure can be fully restored. This feature is NOT available in the Light editions of Aid4Mail.

* Adds SeaMonkey (source and target).

* Adds separate fields to specify alternative folders for Cache and Temp files.

* Renames following Template token for better clarity:

{Traffic} -> {Origin}

Returned values have been updated as follows:

Incoming -> Inbound
Outgoing -> Outbound
Undefined -> Unknown

* Adds an option to easily create a batch of sessions based on wildcard criteria in the source Location field for file formats. This feature is particularly useful if you have a source folder full of PST or Mimecast files. See Help file for details.

* Adds a Zoom option to increase the size of text and components in the user interface. Please note that this setting is currently not retained when you close Aid4Mail. This will be improved in an upcoming update.

* Adds a command-line to the consoles (a4m-32.exe and a4m-64.exe) for Aid4Mail Enterprise. See Help file for details.

* Improves the Project and Options screens.

* Updates the User Guide.

* Fixes a CSS display issue in HTML and PDF files created from Outlook emails.

* Many minor improvements and bug fixes.

Version 5.0.3 Early Access (released: November 18/30, 2020)

* Adds the following target formats: Plain text (UTF-8), CSV (Comma-Separated Values), TSV (Tab-Separated Values), XML, HTML, and PDF. Note that, unlike the HTML/MHT format offered in Aid4Mail 4, the new HTML format is compatible with all popular browsers.

* The HTML format provides an option to create an index file. This index shows a table that lists all the target emails and an email viewer. You can sort table columns by clicking on their header, limit viewing to a specific folder, and filter table rows based on your search criteria. Note that this index file won’t render correctly in Firefox. Other popular browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Opera work fine. Internet Explorer and Safari, however, only work reliably if the emails are stored in the same folder as the index.html file; this is easily done by exporting emails with the Flat folder structure.

* Adds new Template token {EmailAccount} that can be used to rebuild email accounts based on email addresses extracted from the From, To, Cc, Bcc header fields. Available in Aid4Mail Investigator and Enterprise. See the Help for more details on this powerful new feature.

* Adds automatic removal of binary duplicates sharing the same name in the target folder. This feature applies to target EML, Plain text, HTML, PDF and extracted attachments. Prior to this new behavior, each new conflicting target file name was saved with an incremental number (e.g. Duplicate[1].eml) whether is was an exact copy or not. Now, only conflicting files that have different content are renamed and saved with an incremental number.

* Adds "Limit PST file size" target option to Aid4Mail Converter edition.

* Multi-session projects are now compatible with all editions. The key difference is that Aid4Mail Converter and “Light” editions can only run one session at a time (instead of concurrently).

* Significantly improves the resilience of IMAP account processing.

* Renames following Template tokens for better clarity:

{Counter} -> {BatesCounter}
{Date} -> {RawMessageDate}
{DateLocal} -> {LocalMessageDate}
{DateNow} -> {CurrentDate}
{DateSessionRun} -> {SessionRunDate}
{DateUtc} -> {UtcMessageDate}
{Folder} -> {FolderName}
{FolderTop} -> {TopFolderName}
{HashFnv1a} -> {FNV1a}
{HashMD5} -> {MD5}
{HashSha1} -> {SHA1}
{HashSha256} -> {SHA256}
{HashSha512} -> {SHA512}
{SenderEmail} -> {SenderAddress}
{StatusMain} -> {PrimaryStatus}

* Fixes incorrect conversion of IMAP flags to regular email status flags.

* Fixes incorrect rendering of Thunderbird mailbox folder tree.

* Fixes conversion to Thunderbird mbox by using the mboxrd format.

* Fixes a Unicode display issue in the top part of the progress log where filtered folder names are listed.

* Many minor improvements and bug fixes.

Version 5.0.2 Early Access (released: August 27, 2020)

* A new option, Limit PST file size, has been added to the target settings when PST is the target format. This enables you to export mail to multiple PST files, each with a fixed file size, instead of one larger PST file. For example, if you have 17 GB of mail and Limit PST file size is set to 5 GB, you will end up with four target PST files: The first three will each contain 5 GB of mail with the fourth containing the remaining 2 GB.

* Aid4Mail Remote Authenticator can now authenticate any IMAP account, encrypting the account password and providing an optional expiry date for the authentication file. This is in addition to the existing capability of authenticating Google and Microsoft accounts through OAuth2. This means you can now request secure, temporary access to any cloud-based email account from a customer or suspect. It will use the most secure option available without the customer having to share full login credentials or have a copy of Aid4Mail.

* The inequality operator <> can now be used in search operators instead of having to negate the whole search term with the Boolean NOT operator. For example, to exclude the inbox from your search, you can now write Type<>Inbox instead of NOT Type:Inbox. This means that the following search terms are identical:

NOT Type:Inbox
NOT Type=Inbox

* Turn on/off multiple sessions has been renamed Show/Hide session list and its keyboard shortcut changed from Ctrl+M to Ctrl+L.

* Significant additions to the User Guide.

Version 5.0.1 Early Access (released: July 2, 2020)

This is the first official release of Aid4Mail 5.


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