How can I migrate my email to Google Apps or Gmail?

To migrate your mail to Google Apps or Gmail from another mail application, follow the steps below:

1. Select your current mail application/service in the "Mail Source" screen of Aid4Mail
2. Follow the Aid4Mail Wizard and populate the settings for your "Mail Source"
3. Select "IMAP" as your "Target" in the "Target Settings"

4. Select "Gmail" in the "IMAP Server" "Settings" drop-down menu. It will automatically populate with this information:

Server name:

Port: 993

Timeout: 90

Connection security: SSL/TLS

Namespace: default

User name: your email address

Password: your email account password

5. If configured correctly, you will see a list of your folders in the following screen. Here you can select the mail folders you wish to set as your "Target IMAP Folder"

6. Follow the Aid4Mail wizard and start your migration.

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