Does Aid4Mail support Apple Mail (

Yes. Aid4Mail is capable of processing email files stored by all versions of Apple Mail. Since Aid4Mail is a Windows application, it will only run on Intel-based Macs.

If you want to migrate your Mac Mail to a Windows email program, it is best to first transfer your files from your Mac to the Windows machine. You can also copy your Mac mail folders and files to a CD, DVD, or USB drive, which Aid4Mail can then access from your Windows computer.

For Mac OS X 10.0 to 10.3 Aid4Mail can read the MBOX files created by Apple Mail 1. If that is the format you have, use the “Generic mailboxes” mail source option under the “Generic Mailbox Format” section in Aid4Mail.

For Later versions of Mac OS X (10.4 and greater) starting with version 2 of Apple Mail, the messages are stored in EMLX format. To migrate those messages, use the “Apple Mail” mail source option under the “Popular mail clients” section in Aid4Mail.

To migrate your Windows email messages to Apple Mail, run Aid4Mail on your Windows computer and convert your mail to the “mbox mailbox files” format, which is listed under the “Generic mail formats” section on the Target Format screen in Aid4Mail. We recommend that you set the File name field on the Target Settings screen to “*.MBOX” (without the quotes), and set the “Target Line Format” option to “Macintosh (CR)”. You will then have to transfer the mbox files created by Aid4Mail to your Mac system and use the Apple Mail import command to copy your emails into it.

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