I have an Internet connection and entered my activation code and password correctly. Why does activation fail?

The most typical reason is one or more firewall programs (Norton, Zone Alarm, Windows Firewall) are blocking Aid4Mail’s access to the Internet.

Make sure that all your firewalls allow Aid4Mail.exe to reach the activation server. If you are accessing the Internet through a Proxy server and you’ve configured the Aid4Mail proxy settings, make sure these are valid.

It is also possible that a connection fails because of heavy Internet traffic. The only solution in this case is to wait 15 minutes or more and then repeat the activation procedure.

IMPORTANT: If you are using Windows Firewall and Aid4Mail cannot reach the license server, make sure that you uncheck the option labeled “Block all incoming connections” (Windows Vista) or “Don’t allow exceptions” (Windows XP); you will find the option in the Windows Firewall settings window which opens from the Control Panel.

If this setting is enabled, you are not notified when Windows Firewall blocks programs, and programs on the Exceptions list are ignored.

If you experience any issues, please don't hesitate to contact us.

If you would like to purchase an Aid4Mail license, please visit the Aid4Mail website.

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