What are the advantages of online activation?

Unlike other activation systems, Aid4Mail’s online activation does not permanently tie your license to your hardware. This makes it easy to re-activate Aid4Mail after reformatting your hard drive, upgrading hardware components in your computer, logging in under a different user profile, or moving your software to a new computer.

The Activation code or offline license key is tied to a seat. Moving an Activation Code to another Seat (i.e., computer or user account) requires license re-activation through an internet connection. Our license activation technology allows up to four re-activations per year. Re-activation will fail if it happens less than a month after the previous successful activation or re-activation. An Activation Code may be transferred only within your Organization from one Staff Member to another if the initial Staff Member is no longer employed by your Organization or is permanently reassigned to another post. Such a transfer may occur no sooner than one month after the start of a Subscription Period and no more than four times within a yearly Subscription Period.

If you experience any issues, please don't hesitate to contact us.

If you would like to buy an Aid4Mail license, please visit the Aid4Mail website.

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