My Anti-Virus program says Aid4Mail has a virus.

Unfortunately, some anti-virus products – especially those using proactive protection – frequently generate false positives when scanning programs. In other words, they think a file contains a virus or other malware when there is none. You may experience this issue with our products too.

All of our products are uploaded to the Internet virus-free. If you have downloaded the software from our website, our online store, or a reputable software repository, then you can be confident it did not come with a virus. However, a virus on your computer may have infected our software after installation. If you are sure your computer has no virus, then any warning you are getting on our software is probably a false positive.

If you encounter a false positive, make sure you inform the company of your anti-virus product so they can fix the issue in their next maintenance release. Until the issue is fixed, you may be able to white-list the software that is affected by the false positive, or turn off proactive protection in your anti-virus product.

If you would like more information, don't hesitate to contact us.

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