I have purchased an Aid4Mail license but still haven’t received my activation code. When will I receive it?

All information regarding your order, including activation code(s), are sent to you via email usually within minutes of your payment being accepted. However, sometimes this email may be blocked by your Spam Protection tool, or may be automatically put in your Junk folder. Please be sure to check those locations if you do not receive the email shortly after ordering.

In some cases, your email service provider may be experiencing a slowdown in delivering email. Delays of several hours are possible in these situations. In other cases, your ISP may be blocking the emails before they even reach your account. When this happens, the only solution is for you to provide an alternative email address to which we can send the email(s) containing your activation code(s).

Please create a support ticket if you have not received the email with your activation code(s) within minutes of completing your order.

If you would like more information, don't hesitate to contact us.

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